Buffering/trouble streaming on all streams, movies, and/or shows

You can try streaming the channel from a mobile device browser (i.e. cell phone) at http://stncloud.ltd WITHOUT wifi. If you cannot stream from the web player, attach a screenshot of the webplayer when submitting a ticket. If you can stream from the webplayer, indicate that you can stream from the webplayer. If you can or cannot stream, attach the screenshot when opening a ticket and indicate you have attempted to stream from the webplayer. We can only proceed with troubleshooting if the screenshot is attached. As a result, if the ticket is opened and no screenshot  of the webplayer is attached AND you do not indicate you have attempted the webplayer, the ticket will be closed. This also lets us know you have read this article. We are requesting very specific information to proceed. This information requested is necessary to troubleshoot. 

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