I paid via cashapp but my account was not created/extended. What do I do?

If you paid via cashapp, the system is automated. DO NOT OPEN A TICKET WITH A SCREENSHOT. A PAYMENT WITH THE CORRECT PAYMENT NOTE MUST BE INPUT FOR US TO MANUALLY SEARCH FOR THE PAYMENT. Click the invoice then click make payment and it will search for the payment note. This can take 2-5 minutes. Leave the invoice screen open. After 5 minutes, refresh the page. If the invoice does not mark as paid AND the payment note was entered correctly, open a ticket and indicate the note you entered. If the payment note was entered incorrectly or no payment note was entered, there are instructions in red on the invoice for how to proceed with our department to perform a manual search. Please use these instructions and pay the applicable search fee prior to opening a ticket. Make sure when you open a ticket that you indicate the payment note you entered. The ticket will be closed if this is not included in the support ticket. DO NOT PAY YOUR FULL INVOICE AMOUNT TWICE. Only pay the search fee. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND OR AN EXTENSION BY PAYING THE FULL INVOICE TWICE.

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